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Meissen is the typical town of Germany, famous for its thousand-year history, so defined as the cradle of Saxony. Today it is known for its craftsmanship, in particular for the production of beautiful porcelain, which can be admired with a visit to the State Manufactory. The city overlooks Elba and is divided into two distinct nuclei. In the lower town, the historical part, there are the typical houses with bright colors and red brick roofs, strictly aligned so as to create a perfect symmetry.

Wandering through the cobbled alleys of the old town, medieval charm, you can discover the bourgeois houses beautifully rebuilt characterized by the typical red brick timpani. And yet romantic interior courtyards, galleries and rustic wineries. It is dominated by Albrechtsburg Castle, an architectural masterpiece which, together with the Meißner Dom, is one of the most representative architectural monuments of Saxony.

It attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. All aimed at admiring the collection found at the Porcelain Manufactory, founded in 1710. Here are exposed really rare pieces, made in over 300 years and survived the difficulties of time and history. The Meissen Porcelain Manufactory also invented the world’s oldest brand. These are the famous blue crossed swords that have travelled around the world as synonymous with luxury, sophistication and prestige. Also noteworthy is the first porcelain carillon made all over the world and located in the bell tower of the Frauenkirche



L’arte del gusto

Meissen – Markt Platz

The Marktplatz or market square is lined with fine houses built in the Gothic and Renaissance styles. The town hall dates from the late Gothic period (1472-78). The Stag House with its fine doorway dating from 1642, the Benno House and the Market Apothecary’s are also worthy of note. Don’t miss the late-Renaissance Drapers’ Gate and the Brauhaus or brewery, both just a stone’s throw away.
L’arte del gusto is located in Markt 5, the grey building that you see in the photo. A romantic open-air space and our  delicious Italian cuisine will welcome you in this wonderful Gothic/Renaissance  styled square
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